Calculate SHA1 and MD5 in Java

If you need to calculate a hash function on a message, there is an existing API in Java that can do that for you. It isn’t perfect, but it is really easy to use and supports most of the popular hashing algorithms – MD5 and SHA1 among them. Without further ado check out the following code snippet that calculates both hashes for specified message: You can see in the code […]

Re-gaining Root Access after Cupcake Install

The Official HTC website has been updated to offer instructions on how users can flash their Android Dev Phones with a factory Android platform system image and associated radio images. With these system image files, Android dev phone users can: Keep their Dev Phone up to date with the latest Android system images Test their application on multiple Android platform versions, to ensure compatibility Restore a corrupted device to a […]

Connect G1 to Ad-hoc network

This guide will help you to connect your G1 to laptop’s Ad-hoc wireless network. Requirements: 1. Rooted G1 phone. 2. Terminal emulator. (You can download it here or from Android market) 3. Busybox for android. (download) Steps: 1. Install Terminal emulator I assume that most of you guys already have this since it is essential for root access. For those who don’t have this installed you will have to make […]