Kernel Key API Test: Load custom key

December 18, 2022 7 min read
This blog post provides instructions and code for installing and implementing a kernel module on a Debian machine. It includes a Makefile for building and cleaning the module, and a C file for the actual code of the module. The code involves creating and manipulating a keyring and key in the Linux kernel. The module can be tested by inserting and removing it from the kernel. The post also includes a description of the variables and functions used in the code.
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Kernel Crypto API : Message Digest

December 30, 2019 16 min read
The kernel crypto API offers a rich set of cryptographic ciphers as well as other data transformation mechanisms and methods to invoke these. The kernel crypto API refers to all algorithms as “transformations”. Therefore, a cipher handle variable usually has the name “tfm”. Besides cryptographic operations, the kernel crypto API also knows compression transformations and handles them the same way as ciphers.
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